Strategies to Increase Your Investment Portfolio

Even though the economy fluctuates, it’s wise to continue investing in your future. Regardless of how tough your personal finances may become, you must still set a personal goal to consistently set aside funds for your investment portfolio. Investing in you and your family’s future is an important element of your busy life. Put these strategies into play to fatten your investment portfolio and vow to regularly feed your investment dollars to protect your family’s future and build your retirement assets.

  • If you must decrease the amount you save for your portfolio, pledge to allot no less than 5% of your net pay.
  • Consider taking on a side job to ensure you consistently deposit funds into your investment portfolio.
  • Skip one 'dinner out' a week and apply the money savede to your investments.
  • Two out of five work days, pack your lunch. The money you save can fatten your portfolio.
  • Remind yourself of your investment goals by checking your portfolio accounts weekly.

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